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DeBoer's Auto Blog

DeBoer's Auto Works with National Fleet Companies

Why Small Business Owners Choose DeBoer’s Auto Instead Of New Car Dealers For Service

What To Expect From Your First Visit To DeBoer’s Auto

Make Paying For Fleet Services Simple At DeBoer’s Auto

Molten Lava Cakes for Valentines Day

Pecan Pie anyone?

Post holiday Blues Shouldn't  stop you from scheduling your vehicles maintenance

Cooper Tires Winter 2019 Reward Offer

2019 November Continental Tire Promo

2019 Technet Battery Special

Corey's Mashed Potato Casserole


Colleen's apple cider donuts

Bill DeBoer 25 Years ASE Certified

Educating and Empowering Women  At Our Car Care Clinic

Brakes for Breasts 2019

Stella's Tarragon Chicken

DeBoer's Auto Voted 2019 Neighborhood Favorite!

Bring in your fair tickets and get $10 off An oil change*

Cooper® Tires August 2019 Promo

Amy's Spicy Cheddar Cheese Spread

Beat the Heat! A/C System Check $59.00

Barbecued Salmon with Mixed Greens and Tomato Vinaigrette

What is that noise coming from my car?

Cooper® Tires June 2019 Summer Promo

Use your Tech Net and Get up to $75 Prepaid card by mail

Heidi's Sangria recipe


Cooper® Tires spring 2019 Take the Money and Ride™

Josh's Cosmic Chili

DeBoer's Auto Key Drop Box

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Bill's favorite Slow Cooker pork spare ribs recipe

2019 Buy General Tires, GET UP TO A $70 PREPAID CARD

Benefits of Replacing Your Engine Instead of Buying a New Car

Vehicle Maintenance Every Owner Should Focus On

The Why, How and What of DeBoer’s Auto

Pre-Purchase Inspections Save You Time and Money When Buying a Used Vehicle

Heidi's hot cocoa

Is It Time for a New Car?

How to make car repairs suck less

Corey's recipe for peanut butter cream pie

Investing in Your Old Car Versus Buying a New One

Your Car’s Winter Survival Guide

Colleen's Eggnog Cheesecake Recipe 12/2018

Cooper Tires winter 2018 Take the Money and Ride

Use your Synchrony Car Care credit card to purchase over $199 makes you entitled to a $25 Visa

2018 November Continental Tire Promo

November 2018 Battery Special

DeBoer’s Auto Offering Loaner Cars/Rentals for the convenience of Valued Customer

Why Our Auto Repair Shop Loves to Educate and Empower Women (Women Seminar - 2018)

DeBoer's Leaf Peeping Around Sussex County NJ

October 2018 Cooper Tires

2018 October Continental Tire Promo

Buy General Tires, GET UP TO A $100 PREPAID CARD

Get up to $40 back with your next brake job!

DeBoer's Is Going Green

There's a New & Affordable Way to Move

The Benefits of BOOKING from a UHAUL Dealer Vs. Online

MAY-JUNE 2018 Continental Tire Promotion

2 Exciting New Contractors Are Joining Us This Summer

Can I Drive a U-Haul Truck on the NJ Parkway?

Transmission Replacement vs Vehicle Replacement

Top Reasons to Use DeBoer's Auto

Keeping Saabs on road with original parts, service

Automotive Scholarships Available

Buy General Tires, GET UP TO A $70 PREPAID CARD

Hybrid Car Battery Replacement vs Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

How to Prevent Hybrid Cooling System Problems

What's a Wheel Bearing and Why It's Important?

5 Reasons Vehicles Fail During Cold Months

Safe Saabs are the Best Saabs

January 2018 Check-In results

About Parts For Life

We are excited to partner with Hope for Haiti this February!

Customer Key Storage Lock Box

How Do I Know My Hybrid Car Battery Is Failing?

The #1 Way to Prevent a Vehicle Breakdown

Certified Hybrid Electric Vehicle Repairs

Provide a Winter Coat to Someone in Need

DeBoer's Auto; Home Of The Free Second Opinion

See what our customers are saying

DeBoer's Auto lock box

Meet the DeBoer's Auto Family

Get a $25 Gift card during the month of November 2017

Help Feed A Billion People At DeBoer's Auto

About Nordens Ark

Causely October mid-Month Update

Help DeBoer's Auto Provide Risk Assessments For Women

Meet Co-Founder of Causely and her Sweet Dog Maggie!

General Tires-Get up to  $70 Visa Prepaid Card

Causely September mid-Month Update

Introducing Saab Parts for Life

Take The money and ride

Help Furry Friends With Deboer's Check-Ins

Hamburg Fire Dept Golf Outing

U-Haul self pickup & self return

NACE Automechanika 2017

Get up to $60 back with your next brake job!

August 2017 Continental Tire Promotion

Help us build schools with DeBoer's check-ins!

Turn DeBoer's check-ins into water this July!

College Moving Tips: What Type of College Move are You?

Uhaul Talks Truck and Trailer Rental Insurance: Part 2 of 2

Should you buy truck and trailer rental insurance?

U-haul vs. Penske vs. Budget

Uhaul Talks Truck and Trailer Rental Insurance: Part 1 of 2

Moving? Got Pets? Check Out These Moving Tips from UHaul

Uhaul Moving Hacks by MovingHelp®

Attention Saab Owners: Reserve your spot now!

Is your vehicle ready for summer?

Saab Takata Airbag Recall Underway

Carco Inspections

Loaner/Low Cost Rentals

Car Care One

Roadside Assistance

Is it time to inspect your serpentine belt?

Meet Megan at DeBoer's Auto

Meet Corey at DeBoer's Auto

Meet Colleen at DeBoer's Auto

Meet Josh at DeBoer's Auto

A New Way to Connect with Your Car

Update: Saab Airbag Safety Service Statement

Service you can trust

Service Department Closed 3/25/2017 Sales and Rentals Open

Put our team to work for you

SAAB Genuine Parts and Service: A perfect fit

Count on us to keep your Saab running

Original parts, exceptional warranty

Locate a Driving School in Sussex County New Jersey

How Much Does Your Vehicle Cost You Just to Drive It?

Your Car - The Next Big Mobile Ad Platform

Rotating Tires Is Key to Extending their Life

DeBoer’s Auto Is Now Offering Loaner Cars for Their Valued Customers

Introducing CarCareOne: The New Credit Card Just for Your Car

Be Prepared for Any Maintenance of Repair: Join DeBoer’s VIP Savings Program

ASE Certification Program for Auto Repair Professionals

Five Ways to Get Bad Credit Car Loans

Save Thousands by Maintaining Your Old Vehicle

OEM vs Aftermarket Catalytic Converters…Which Is the Best Option?

Four Reasons to Choose a Remanufactured Transmission Over Rebuilt

What is Brakes for Breast?

What Your Owner’s Manual Doesn’t Tell You - Tips and Advice on Car Ownership

Help us put the brakes on breast cancer!

Roadside Safety 101: How to Stay Safe If You’re Stranded

Check Your Credit Report Often-It May Surprise You

Why Manufacturers Don't Want You to Service Your Transmission Every 30,000 Miles

How to Speed up the Car Buying Process: A Little Preparation Saves a Lot of Time

The Wrong Oil Can Harm Your Car. Is Your Car's Engine Guaranteed?

Saabs on the run

What Is That Noise Coming from My Car’s Engine? Is It Safe to Drive?

Your Car Needs a Bath:  the importance of car washing

Benefits of a Private Inspection Facility vs. a State Inspection Facility in NJ

Benefits of Keeping Your Vehicle Computer System Updated and on Track

DeBoer’s Auto Offers a Special Credit Rebuilding Program for Your Car

What Is the Difference Between an Independent Auto Dealer and a Franchise Dealer?

How to Get an Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

How to keep your engine happy:  A new way to think about oil changes

Four Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle from a Dealer Versus a Private Seller

Is It Safe to Do an Online Car Dealership Credit Application?


It’s Getting Hot Outside: How to Get Your Car's Air Conditioning Ready for Summer


New Jersey State Inspection Is Changing Starting This Summer 2016

What to Expect When Trading In a Car That Has a Balance

DeBoer’s Auto Works with You When Buying a Car out of State

Six Driving Habits You Need to Stop to Prolong the Life of Your Car

5 Dodge Ram Fails That will make you Cringe

How an Annual Fuel System Cleaning Can Enhance Your Vehicle’s Performance

4 Things All Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Need To KNOW

Your Top 4--2006-2011 Honda CR-V Questions Answered

You Know You Should Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles: How Often Should You Change Your Oil Filter?

How Much Will A Complete Brake Repair Job Cost?

Complete List of Auto Body Shops In Sussex County

Do I Have To Return to The Dealership for Extended Warranty Service?

Failed NJ State Inspection?  Here is where you need to go in Sussex County to get licensed Repairs

Does a Larger Car Down Payment Ensure a Lower Interest Rate?

The Local spots for NJ State Inspection in Sussex County

Car Loans 101: Understanding Your Monthly Car Loan Payments

Employee Spotlight: Joshua Kays

Having the Right Stuff to Become a Licensed Emissions Repair Facility

Why Sussex County Residents Should Consider Buying a Car or Truck Locally

Car Care Awareness Month: Learn Why Routine Vehicle Maintenance Today Will Prevent Problems

Why Does New Jersey Have an NJ State Inspection Program?

Can Your New Jersey Repair Shop Legally Fix Your Emissions Problems?

5 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Tax Return

Where Do We Get Our Pre-Owned Cars?

Why You Should Have Your Vehicle Inspected Before Your Warranty Expires

What Happens If Your Car Doesn’t Pass the NJ State Inspection?

Qualities to Look for in a Locally Owned and Operated Auto Repair Shop

When Does It Pay to Invest in Expensive Car Repairs?

How to Finance a New or Pre-Owned Car If You Are Self-Employed

Don't Waste Your Tax Return on a New Car: Get Approved With $0 Down

Important Changes for New Jersey State Inspections in 2016

Can I Afford a New Vehicle? Consider the Value of Your Current Car

With So Many Choices, How Do I Choose the Best Car for My Needs?

Buying a New Car Should Never Be Impulsive

Learn Why It's Important to Support Local Auto Sales

How Do I Know I Am Getting a Good Deal on a New Car?

Is Direct Injection Helping or Hurting Your Car?

Advantages of Having an Auto Technician Replace Your Battery

When Purchasing a Newer Vehicle, Follow This Advice

The Wrong Oil Can Harm Your Car: Expensive Oil Changes Are Important

Leasing New versus Buying an Older Used Car

A Coolant Flush Is an Important Part of Preventive Maintenance

6 Vehicle Improvements That Add Value to Your Car

Why Our Auto Repair Shop Loves to Educate and Empower Women

GAP Insurance: A Luxury or a Necessity?

How to Save Money on a Pre-Owned Car

How to Tire Shop - Step 4: What Do Road Hazard Warranties Cover?

How to Tire Shop - Step 3: How to Select the Right Tire for Your Driving Needs

How to Tire Shop Step 2: How to Locate the Vehicle Tire Information

How to Tire Shop - Step 1: Determining If You Need New Tires

Credit Unions Vs Traditional Bank and Why We use Both

General Motors' Newest Generation of Oil Specifications: What Owners Need to Know

A New Way to Think About Car Buying

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Extended Warranties

How to Save Hours of Time with Haggle-Free Pricing

Characteristics of a Great Oil Change Shop

3 Reasons to Stop Haggling When You Are in the Market for a Used Car

How to Save Time and Money When Buying a Used Car

7 Ways to Reduce the Stress and Hassle of Car Shopping

DeBoer’s Auto Vs. Mavis Discount Tire: An Honest Comparison

Preventable Financial Mistakes When It Comes to Buying a Used Car

3 Warning Signs You and Your Car Dealerships Are Out of Sync

New Car Versus Pre-Owned Vehicle: Which Is a Better Investment?

5 Hidden Costs of Buying a Car: Is Leasing a New Car the Best Idea?

Will Your Vehicle Pass NJ State Inspection for Emissions?

Are You Looking for a One Night Stand with Your Mechanic?

An Unconventional Guide to Buying Tires

Why You Should Discuss Quality Before Price When Buying New Tires

10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Used Car

Will Buying from Locally-Owned Small Businesses Ever Rule the World Again?

Don’t Fall for These Used Car Buying Myths and Mistakes

3 Habits of Highly Effective Car Buyers

Start with a Photo to Find Your Perfect Ride; Consider Other Factors

How Preventive Fleet Maintenance Saves You Money in the Long Run

Tips to Overcome Being Stranded While Towing a Trailer

The Best Way to Work Fleet Maintenance into Your Busy Schedule

Employee Spotlight: Colleen LePera: Part II

Why Shop Local, Buy Local Is More About Community than Saving Money

Ask These 3 Important Questions Before Buying a Used Car

5 Signs Your Business Vehicle Needs a Scheduled Maintenance Plan

How Buying a Used Car or Recycling Your Old Car Helps the Environment

Why You Should Never Try to Negotiate a New Car Price Before a Test Drive

Is Your Vehicle Ready to Tow a Boat?

Employee Spotlight: Colleen LePera: Part I

The One Car Shopping Behavior That Guarantees Failure

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

7 Important Steps to Take Before You Go Car Shopping

How to Take the Stress Out of Car Shopping

10 Quick Tips for Avoiding Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

After an Auto Accident: Step Three-Road Blocks

After an Auto Accident: Step Two-Estimating Your Vehicles Value

Car Sharing: An Economical Alternative to Traditional Ownership

Car Trouble, The Early Years: Bill DeBoer Sr., Part 2

4 Things about Car Loans Your Dealer Does Not Want You to Know

Is Leasing a New Car the Best Idea?

5 Sources for Financing Your Next Car Purchase

Why You Should Invest Your Income Tax Refund in a Nicer Newer Vehicle

Car Trouble, The Early Years: Bill DeBoer Sr.

Quick Tips for Fixing Less Than Perfect Credit for a Used Auto Loan

After an Auto Accident: Step One-Reporting the Claim

Should I Repair My Old Car, or Buy a Nicer, Newer Used Car?

Benefits of Buying a Car from an Independent Car Dealer

How to Get a Car Loan with Less Than Perfect Credit

Common Misconceptions about Buying a Nicer, Newer Pre-owned Vehicle

Why We Love Our Local Economy (and You Should Too!)

Why Can’t You Buy a Car in New Jersey on a Sunday?

Drag-Racing Passion Turned to Automotive Profession for DeBoer’s Owner

3 Tools Everyone Should Use to Determine a Pre-Owned Vehicle Value

Why You Should Invest in Snow Tires

We Support Our Local Community by Buying and Shopping Locally

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Pre-Owned Vehicle Pricing

For Auto Maintenance, Shop Local, Buy Local: It’s Not Just about Food

Is a Used Vehicle History Report Worth the Money?

Selling Your Used Car? Knowing the Market and Your Competition Is Key

Is There an Advantage to Buying a Set of Snow Tires?

Why You Should Develop a Relationship with Your Local Car Repair Shop

My Favorite Family Recipe

Is There a Difference between Snow Tires and Winter Tires?

How California's Emissions Test Can Affect Your Recommended Car Maintenance Schedule

Local Auto Repair Shops Offer Better Service and Are More Affordable

10 Ways Shop Local, Buy Local Has a Positive Impact on Your Community

What a Quick Lube Oil Change Shop in Franklin Will Never Sell You

Will Your Car’s Lifetime Fluids Actually Last?

How to Determine If You Need Car Battery Replacement

How Shocks and Struts Affect Your Ability To Drive

Why You Should Replace a Battery Before It Fails

Selling Your Car On Your Own, Is It Really Worth It?

Testing Vehicle Fluids Is More Accurate Than a Maintenance Schedule

Good Things Customers Are Saying About Our Honda Repair Shop

The Life Of A Car Battery: Yours Is Likely to Fail in the Summer, Not Winter

Protect Your Investment by Choosing a Reliable and Ethical Car Shop

Optimally Maintaining Your Car: The Dealership Isn't Always the Best Choice

Used Cars Are Often the Best Choice for College Students

AFTER AN AUTO ACCIDENT: steps to take and pitfalls to avoid!

The Importance of Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Condition

Helpful Hints for College Students Financing a Used Car

5 Ways Our Free Wheel Alignment Check Will Save You Money

Why You Should Inspect Your Tires before the Summer Heat Is Here

Our Customer Loyalty Program Saves You Money Every Visit

Experience the Latest Technology in Wheel Alignment: The Hawkeye Elite

College Student Car Buying Guide Option One New Car

Important Steps to Take When Your Car Starts to Overheat

How to Find the Best Car Repair Shop in Sussex County

Everyday Tips for Improving Your Fuel Economy

Tips for Planning a Fun and Safe Summer Road Trip

Prepare Your Vehicle for Towing This Summer

Purchasing Pre-Owned Vehicle: Turns Out Financing has its Benefits

A Car Buying Guide For Your College Student

Finding The Best Auto Repair Shop In Hamburg

Car Repair Shops In Hamburg With Dealership Level Technology.

Find the Best Options for Financing a Pre-Owned Honda

DeBoer's Auto vs. Certified Honda Financing

What is Available for Financing a Used Honda Car?

DeBoer's Auto vs. the Honda Certified Pre-Owned Program

Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Honda Car vs. Buying An Extended Warranty

The Top Questions To Ask When Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Honda Car


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