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Tina Ormond

Tina Ormond

Tina Ormond is a highly experienced Store Manager in the automotive industry with over 15 years of experience. She brings a unique blend of innovation and expertise to her role. Drawing from her background in Social Science, Tina seamlessly integrates her love for people into effectively guiding daily operations. From coordinating customer support teams to managing back-of-the-house operations, Tina ensures excellence in repairs and technical support while prioritizing customer satisfaction. With a deep understanding of automotive intricacies cultivated in dealership environments, Tina's blogs offer valuable insights and solutions for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Recent posts by Tina Ormond

3 min read

DeBoer's Technicians are EV Certified

By Tina Ormond on Apr 18, 2024 12:50:45 PM

DeBoer's Auto Announces Level 2 EV ASE Certification for All Technicians
At DeBoer's Auto, we've always believed that staying ahead of the curve is the key to providing top-notch service to our valued customers. We are thrilled to announce that all our technicians have achieved Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification! This milestone showcases our commitment to embracing the future of automotive technology and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Topics: EV Certified Technicians
2 min read

Show Your Car Some Love Inside and Out

By Tina Ormond on Apr 16, 2024 5:26:06 PM

As the season changes and spring emerges, it’s the perfect time to give your vehicle the attention it deserves.

During the winter months, it’s easy to let the details of car maintenance slip by. With the salt, snow, and cold temperatures, our cars often take a beating both inside and out.

Topics: Spring cleaning
2 min read

Why Your Car Deserves a Spring Refresh

By Tina Ormond on Apr 11, 2024 4:58:30 PM

It's time to give your car the attention it deserves for a fresh start into spring. While you might be focusing on cleaning the exterior or checking the tires, there's one crucial aspect often overlooked—the health of your car's cabin air system. DeBoer's Auto Repair is here to shed light on why replacing your car's cabin air filter and checking the air blower motor is a must-do for a smooth transition into the warmer months.

2 min read

The Importance of Regular Belt and Hose Inspections

By Tina Ormond on Apr 9, 2024 11:45:00 AM

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. One aspect of vehicle maintenance that often goes unnoticed is the inspection of belts and hoses. These small yet essential components play a significant role in keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. 

Topics: Belts and Hoses
2 min read

The Little Details That Make a Big Difference on the Road

By Tina Ormond on Apr 4, 2024 10:39:37 AM

As spring blossoms and temperatures rise, many of us are eager to embark on road trips, whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a longer journey. However, in the excitement of hitting the open road, it's easy to overlook small details that can greatly enhance our travel experience. At DeBoer's Auto Repair Truck and Fleet Center, we believe that paying attention to these details can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Topics: Keep your car organized
2 min read

Best Practices for Safe Driving

By Tina Ormond on Apr 2, 2024 11:45:00 AM

April is Car Care Awareness Month, and as the flowers bloom and the hum of traffic grows with the promise of spring, it’s the perfect time to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. At DeBoer’s Auto in Hamburg, NJ, we understand that safety is paramount, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your vehicle for the road ahead.

Topics: Car Care Awareness - Safety
2 min read

Helene Rother & Mimi Vandermolen

By Tina Ormond on Mar 25, 2024 7:24:59 PM

Celebrating Women's History Month: Helene Rother & Honoring Mimi Vandermolen

Let's take a moment to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in honor of Women's History Month. This March, we shine a spotlight on two exceptional women who have made significant contributions to the automotive industry: Mimi Vandermolen and Mary Barra.

2 min read

Celebrating Joan Newton Cuneo: A Driving Force in Women's History

By Tina Ormond on Mar 24, 2024 12:22:00 PM

As we continue into the roots of automotive history, it’s impossible to overlook the remarkable contributions of women who have left an indelible mark on the industry. One such luminary is Joan Newton Cuneo, a woman whose passion for speed and automobiles propelled her into the spotlight during an era when female drivers were a rarity.

Topics: Joan Newton Cuneo Female Racecar Driver
2 min read

Stephanie Kwolek and Kevlar's Impact

By Tina Ormond on Mar 18, 2024 12:08:05 PM

Celebrating Women in Automotive History: 

We find ourselves immersed in Women's History Month in March, a time to honor the contributions of women who have made significant impacts in various fields. At DeBoer's Auto, we believe it's essential to recognize the remarkable achievements of women in the automotive industry. Today, we're shining a spotlight on Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist whose invention of Kevlar has revolutionized automotive safety.

Topics: Kevlar Stephanie Kwolek
2 min read

Driving Green: Small Changes for a Big Impact

By Tina Ormond on Mar 16, 2024 2:35:00 PM

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, every individual has a role to play in reducing their carbon footprint. At DeBoer's Auto, we believe in not only providing top-notch automotive services but also promoting sustainable practices for a greener planet. In a recent conversation with Tina, she shared some insightful tips on how we can drive in a more eco-friendly manner.

Topics: Drive Greener