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Sussex County Active Lifestyle

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1 min read

People Helping People

We are so excited to announce that on Saturday, June 10th we will host a Grand Opening Celebration for our new Fleet...

2 min read

Pork Roast Wrapped in Pancetta

So, what’s better than pork for dinner? Pork wrapped in pork, now you may feel your arteries hardening as you read this...

3 min read

Local Spotlight. Nerds to Go

We rely on our computers so heavily that having problems with them can seriously affect our lives in negative ways....

2 min read

Spotlight Ridge & Valley Conservancy

Ridge and Valley Conservancy

RVC is small in the conservation world. Although it’s been actively open for 30 years now...

2 min read

Spotlight: Graduates in Our Community

Sussex County has long prided itself on its tradesmen and this month we congratulate all of the graduates from...

4 min read

Spotlight: Superior Shower Doors


When you are thinking about remodeling or giving your bathroom a fresh new look, a custom glass shower door is the...
2 min read

Spotlight: Mark Lindsay and Son

While you are driving throughout Northern New Jersey, Sussex County, and the West Milford area you have probably...

3 min read

Spotlight - Blessings in the Batter

What do you call it when you get to do what you love and completely love it? A Blessing.Blessings in the Batter seemed...

4 min read

Business Spotlight - Strategies for Wealth Creation & Protection

You would think it would be quite simple to get a really good picture of your finances and insurance options in today's...

2 min read

Local Spotlight Sparta Painting

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Bryan Murphy, the owner of Sparta Painting.

Bryan has successfully been...