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3 min read

5 Things Your Auto Technicians Wish You Wouldn’t Do

By Bill DeBoer on Feb 9, 2021 2:26:49 PM

Maintaining your vehicle is critical to extending the life of it. However, sometimes the things you try to do yourself can cause more harm than good. Other times you may think you can drive a few more hundred miles on your tires that have low pressure, but you’re actually creating other damage at the same time. We’ve discussed five things your automotive technicians wish you wouldn’t do to your vehicle to make their job easier and make your car last longer.

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3 min read

Investing In Your Car Could Pay Off In The Long Run

By Bill DeBoer on Jan 19, 2021 11:44:00 AM

Do you have an older car that needs some work, but you aren’t sure if the repair bills are worth it? This is a concern many vehicle owners have, and it can be a difficult decision knowing whether it’s time to buy a new or used vehicle or continue investing in your current vehicle. In many situations, it’s worth it in the long-run to invest in your current vehicle, especially if the mileage isn’t significantly high. Here’s what you need to know to help you decide whether investing in your current vehicle is worth it.

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3 min read

3 Ways To Reduce Your Fleet Expenses

By Bill DeBoer on Jan 7, 2021 11:38:54 AM

We have finally turned the calendar to a new year, and one of the biggest items fleet owners always look at during this time of year is the vehicle maintenance they’ve spent money on in the past year. Budgeting for vehicle maintenance and repairs can be challenging for various reasons. Unexpected expenses can especially drive up the cost, and some of them are difficult to budget for. However, with proper care, sticking with a regular maintenance schedule, and incorporating these tips, your fleet expenses this year can be less than they were last year.

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3 min read

Budgeting For Auto Maintenance Can Reduce Stress Throughout The Year

By Bill DeBoer on Jan 5, 2021 2:25:47 PM

Car maintenance is one thing most people don’t like to spend money on, but it’s necessary to do. The old saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same is true in the auto industry when it comes to auto repairs. Budgeting for unexpected repairs is difficult to do simply because you never know when an expensive repair will be necessary. However, if you budget for auto maintenance, you can get a better idea of what you’ll need to spend on your vehicle and the chances of an unexpected major repair will go down significantly. Here’s why budgeting for auto maintenance can reduce stress throughout the year.

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3 min read

Understanding The Future Of Driving - Part 2

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 29, 2020 11:38:00 AM

Part two of our blog series about understanding the future of driving talks about shared or co-ownership of vehicles and the electrification of vehicles. If you missed it, be sure to check out part one of our series, which discussed the data your vehicle collects and the various stages of driverless vehicles. The vehicle industry today will look much different even a couple of decades from now. This includes how people use vehicles and the types of vehicles they own, which we explain here.

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3 min read

Understanding The Future Of Driving - Part 1

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 24, 2020 11:45:00 AM

 As the year 2020 comes to a close, and we look forward to 2021, we thought it would be a great time to discuss what the future of driving looks like. Vehicles have evolved drastically over the past several years, and all indications are even more significant changes will be occurring in the future. A lot of this is because of the data vehicles can collect nowadays about a person’s driving habits, so manufacturers can build vehicles according to the needs of their customer base. This is part one of a two-part series to help you better understand the future of driving.

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2 min read

Never Make These Mistakes With Fluids In Your Vehicle

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 22, 2020 11:56:44 AM

It’s always important to stick with a regular maintenance schedule with your vehicles. However, even if you are diligent with bringing your vehicle for maintenance every six months, certain minor issues can happen between visits that you can often take care of on your own. One of these is running out of different types of fluids that make your car operate. If you are comfortable enough with changing or replacing fluids in your vehicle, here are some mistakes you need to avoid.

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3 min read

Be Patient And Evaluate All Options When You Experience A Vehicle Breakdown

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 17, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Cars can create a lot of emotions for people. In some ways, they are an extension of your personality when you think of your car’s color and style. It connects you to many things you have to do throughout the day, and you may spend hours in your vehicle every day. While positive emotions are common when the vehicle is running smoothly, those emotions can turn negative quickly when it breaks down. Instead of making an emotional decision to get a new vehicle in these situations, be patient, and follow these tips.

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3 min read

Important Information To Know About Car Warranty Companies

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 10, 2020 12:45:07 PM

Have you ever gotten a phone call or a letter in the mail regarding your expired car warranty? If so, you may have been offered the opportunity to purchase an additional warranty for a certain price that claims to cover everything on your vehicle so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket for repairs. While some of these companies may be legitimate, it’s important to do some homework before accepting an attractive offer. The last thing you want to do is end up paying more in the long run for warranty coverage than you would actual repairs if you paid out of pocket. Here’s what you should know about car warranty companies.

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3 min read

Winter Car Care Tips To Protect Your Vehicle

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 8, 2020 11:45:00 AM

The winter season is particularly hard on vehicles. In addition to the snow and ice, road salt and other items used to keep the roads safe can potentially damage your vehicle. Rusting and other issues can cause your vehicle to deteriorate prematurely, but the good news is most of these problems are preventable. Here are some proactive steps to take to protect your car as much as possible this winter.

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