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Winter Ready: 3 Vital Checks for Your Vehicle

By Bill DeBoer on Dec 21, 2023 8:15:15 PM

Winter is upon us, and ensuring your vehicle is equipped to handle the challenging conditions is crucial for both safety and performance. Here are the top three things you need to check to winterize your ride:

1. Battery Condition:
As temperatures drop, your car's battery has to work harder. Cold weather can significantly reduce its efficiency. Make certain your battery is in optimal condition by checking the charge and inspecting for any signs of corrosion on the terminals. If your battery is more than three years old, it's wise to have it professionally tested or replaced to prevent any unexpected breakdowns in the freezing weather.

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1 min read

Which type of tires are right for you

By Bill DeBoer on Nov 23, 2023 11:12:00 AM

With the arrival of colder weather and the potential of snow increasing the chance of danger on the roads, it is crucial to keep in mind that your car's tires play a vital role in ensuring your safety. As the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the road, it is essential to have the right tires at the right time. Let's explore the distinctions between all-season, winter, and all-weather tires.

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