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Automotive News

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1 min read

Spicy Coconut Grilled Chicken Thighs

This delightful combination of spicy and sweet will definitely please your palette. It's got a little kick to it, but...

10 min read


 It's quick and it's easy

With promotional financing from DEBOER'S AUTO, major purchases don’t have to wait.* Get what...

2 min read

Why Do Auto Shops Charge For Diagnostics?

There’s a common misconception that when you take your car to an auto shop, they can simply run a diagnostics test and...

2 min read

Top 5 Reasons Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light Comes On

Most people have seen the check engine light in their vehicle come on. Some people react by immediately halting their...

7 min read

Don't miss out on all the fun this summer


Finish off this summer with some family fun this August. Sussex County this summer has been filled with kid-friendly...

1 min read

Green Goddess Potato Salad

Who doesn't love a side of potato salad to add to your summertime cookouts? This recipe reinvents the old standby...

2 min read

Is Your Child’s Car Seat As Safe As It Can Be?

Whether you’re a new parent, an experienced parent, or even a grandparent, learning about car seat safety is essential....

2 min read

Getting Started With Understanding Your Fleet Costs

Our first two blogs in our series covered the total cost of ownership and how to calculate cost-per-mile. The examples...

2 min read

Safety Tips When Driving With Children

Every parent knows there are many different factors to consider when buying a car seat for their child. They even need...

2 min read

Fleet Webinar Part 2 - Calculating Cost Per Mile

Calculating your cost-per-mile on your fleet is much different than calculating miles-per-gallon of gas. The...

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