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Automotive News

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2 min read

Options For Replacing Your Vehicle’s Catalytic Converter

When you get the dreaded P0420 code, it means your catalytic converter is below a certain threshold where it can’t...

2 min read

Help us help Benny's Bodega!

DONATING your Vehicle-What You Should Know


Benny's Bodega donation program is a 501(c)(3) vehicle donation program....

2 min read

Get Ready for some spring driving

If you experienced some driving difficulties in the recent snowstorms, or during other bad road conditions, it may have...

1 min read

DeBoer's Auto struck #EmbraceEquity poses to celebrate International Women's Day!

The DeBoer's Auto team struck #EmbraceEquity poses today to celebrate International Women's Day, a global day...

2 min read

What To Know About New Jersey State Vehicle Inspections

Only two states have a dual system for vehicle inspections and New Jersey is one of those states. What it means is you...

Boy oh Boy


 Welcome to the world Andrés

We’re so happy to announce that our family has grown some more. Congratulations are in...

1 min read


Getting to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked dinner and not have it be an all-day investment of time makes this dish...

2 min read

What Happens When You Fail A Vehicle Inspection In New Jersey?

Everyone who owns a vehicle in New Jersey has to pass a state inspection to keep driving it legally. Sometimes you may...

1 min read

Get a $70 Prepaid Card

Even with the mild temperatures we're enjoying in February, we are not out of the woods of winter yet. The possibility...

2 min read

Announcing Our New Book Designed To Help Fleet Owners Succeed

When people think of DeBoer’s Auto, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the quality service we provide. We...

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