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Automotive News

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1 min read

General tires Spring Savings

The promise of spring coming has the birds chirping and the sun shining a little brighter. Getting out of winter...

2 min read

When your ride is smooth you can feel the difference

NOW through April 15, 2021. 

One of the things we know about living here in the northeast is we experience all kinds of...

2 min read

Car Maintenance Goals Can Save You Money

Car maintenance usually isn’t something people want to think about or take care of because of the costs involved. But...

2 min read

Improve Your Driving Experience With These Phone Apps - Part 2

Part one of our two-part blog series on phone apps to improve your driving experience focused on utility apps. Now we...

3 min read

Improve Your Driving Experience With These Phone Apps - Part 1

Phone apps have become a part of our everyday lives. It seems like any time you have a situation where something could...

3 min read

5 Ways To Travel Safely With Your Pets

Whether you’ve owned a pet your entire life or if pet ownership is a new experience for you due to the pandemic,...

3 min read

5 Things Your Auto Technicians Wish You Wouldn’t Do

Maintaining your vehicle is critical to extending the life of it. However, sometimes the things you try to do yourself...

3 min read

Knowing When To Shop For New Tires

Vehicle tires can be expensive, which is one of the main reasons people choose to wait for as long as possible to buy...

3 min read

Enjoy Your Vehicle More With These Accessories

Everyone should like driving their vehicle no matter how often they drive it. The good news is if you’ve ever thought...

1 min read

Tina Gets ASE Certified

At DeBoer's Auto, we believe our level of standards and our belief that continuing our education and training betters...