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Automotive News

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2 min read

What You Need To Know About Window Tinting In New Jersey

You might remember several years ago when safety inspections used to be required in New Jersey. Many people would pull...

2 min read

Holiday Gifts To Consider Giving This Year

We’re starting the holiday season, so you might be beginning to think about what you’ll give your family or friends...

2 min read

Support Your Local Community This Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is here! If you haven’t already made your wish list or received the wish lists of loved...

1 min read

Brined Turkey for Your Thanksgiving

Getting up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving morning can produce delicious results, but here's a little secret that...

2 min read

Be Extra Aware On The Road During Deer Season

It’s deer season in New Jersey, which means deer are more active than normal. Pay close attention to the roads when...

1 min read

Continental fall and winter tire promo

While the weather is nice and mild right now, the winter months are upon us, and before things take a turn and the...

2 min read

The Right Accessories Can Improve The Functionality Of Your Vehicle

At DeBoer’s Auto, we focus a lot of our attention on fixing vehicles and providing regular maintenance to prevent...

2 min read

A New Battery Makes Your Car More Reliable In The Winter

Not many things are worse than getting into your vehicle and finding out that it won’t start. Most of the time this is...

2 min read

Repel Mice From Your Vehicle With A Simple Solution

Whether you have an obvious mouse problem at your home or not, there’s still a chance you could have one at any time....

4 min read

Chicken Parmesan the Way to Joe's Heart

This recipe is a "famous favorite" of the Giannetti family. It's the perfect dish to serve for a quiet family dinner....