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Automotive News

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2 min read

What It Takes To Become A New Jersey State Inspector

Getting a state vehicle inspection is something everyone has to do. The inspection itself often doesn’t take a long...

2 min read

Importance Of Having Replacement Keys For Your Vehicle

There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to have replacement keys for your vehicle. Losing your keys is one reason,...

2 min read

Tips For Reducing Heat Inside Your Vehicle This Summer

If you’ve ever gotten into your car in the heat of the summer, the uncomfortable temperature is noticeable right when...

4 min read


Meet Bill DeBoer, Shawn Gilfillan, and Russ Crosby.You may wonder what these three men have in common. Actually, more...

2 min read

Grilled Chicken Tacos topped with Watermelon Salsa

It's the heat of the summer and who doesn't enjoy some tasty watermelon?  Seriously, watermelon is not just for the...

2 min read

Issues You Could Experience With Electronic Parking Brake Systems

Most new vehicles today are made with electric parking brakes. The days of having a lever by your side to pull up in...

2 min read

Understanding Why Your Vehicle’s ABS Light Is On

The ABS light and traction control system in your vehicle are essentially one in the same. So when there is an error in...

1 min read

Continental The Future in Motion

It’s time to take advantage of  Continental Tire The Future in Motion Promotion

From July 1st thru August 31st 2021 You...

2 min read

Independents week

As we are preparing for the celebration of our counties independence with July fourth approaching, we also celebrate...

2 min read

Celebrate 4th of July with festive Deliciousness

Grab your fork, this is as yummy as it gets. As American as apple pie and just as delicious! Bill surprised us with...