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1 min read

Moms, Dads and Grads

Another season for giving is coming upon us. We at DeBoer’s Auto want to help you deliver the perfect gift to your...

1 min read

Orange Glazed Bacon

When planning your Mothers Day brunch consider this tasty side that packs the most pleasant surprise.  On their own,...

2 min read

Which Is Better--Synthetic Or Conventional Oil?

More cars over the years have adopted synthetic oil for good reasons. The average person might not know the differences...

2 min read

What You Need To Know About Your Vehicle’s Brake Lines

The brake lines in your vehicle are what connect your hydraulic brake fluid system to the brake calipers that are on...

2 min read

What To Know About The Repair Act And How You Can Help

DeBoer’s Auto takes a lot of pride in helping customers with their vehicles in more ways than they think they need. We...

2 min read

Fleet Operators: Be Aware Of A New Law Impacting You

A new law is going into effect on April 18, 2022, that all fleet operators need to know about. Governor Murphy signed a...

1 min read

Enjoy a smooth ride this spring


Deboer’s auto wants to make sure you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Get up to $75 back rebate in the form of a...

2 min read

Show And Tell With Your Vehicle Is Our Responsibility At DeBoer’s Auto

Most people have played show and tell when they were kids and it’s something we also have a responsibility to do at...

2 min read

5 Vehicle Exhaust System Problems You Need To Know About

At DeBoer’s Auto, we see a lot of different problems with vehicles when people bring them to our shop. Sometimes you...

2 min read

Bertha Benz

Bertha Benz is one of the most important women in the automotive industry. She helped fund and was instrumental in the...

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