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Ensuring Complete Customer Satisfaction

By Tina Ormond on Jul 2, 2024 11:53:40 AM

step five proven process

Proven Process Step Five: 
At DeBoer's Auto, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial repairs and services we provide. Our proven process comprises five meticulous stages, with the final stage focusing on closing out the work order and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their experience. Here’s a detailed look at the fifth and final step in our process.

Closing Out Repair Orders and Releasing the Vehicle
The culmination of our service begins with the closing out of repair orders. Our dedicated service advisors review all the work completed on your vehicle with you. This step is crucial as it ensures transparency and provides the opportunity to understand the repairs and maintenance performed. Our advisors are equipped to explain the intricacies of the work, or address other concerns.

Follow-Up Work and Pre-Booking Appointments
Depending on the nature of the service, some vehicles may require a follow-up inspection to ensure everything is functioning optimally. For instance, if your vehicle had an oil leak or AC repair, our technicians may need to double-check the system to confirm the issue has been completely resolved.

Our service advisors will also discuss any recommended follow-up work and help you pre-book your next appointment. This proactive approach ensures that your vehicle remains in peak condition and helps you stay ahead of any potential issues.

Arrangements for Vehicle Pickup or Drop-Off
At DeBoer's Auto, we understand that convenience is paramount. Our service advisors will discuss your preferences for vehicle pickup or drop-off, whether utilizing our lockbox system for after-hours pickup or arranging for vehicle delivery back to you. If you require a loaner vehicle while your car is being serviced, we can accommodate that as well.

Post-Service Follow-Up
Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end when you drive away. Approximately a week after your appointment, you can expect a follow-up call from us. This follow-up is designed to ensure that you were happy with the service you received and to confirm that all aspects of your repair or service met and exceeded your expectations. We believe that this personalized touch helps us maintain a strong relationship with our customers and demonstrates our dedication to their satisfaction.

Our Proven Process
Our proven process is more than a series of steps; it’s a testament to our commitment to quality and customer care. Each stage, including this final one, is designed to provide you with a seamless and satisfactory experience. At DeBoer's Auto, we take pride in ensuring that every customer leaves our shop with their vehicle in excellent condition and with a smile on their face.

Trust DeBoer's Auto for all your truck and fleet repair needs, and experience our proven process firsthand. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn and helping you live life uninterrupted. 

Tina Ormond

Written by Tina Ormond

Tina Ormond is a highly experienced Store Manager in the automotive industry with over 15 years of experience. She brings a unique blend of innovation and expertise to her role. Drawing from her background in Social Science, Tina seamlessly integrates her love for people into effectively guiding daily operations. From coordinating customer support teams to managing back-of-the-house operations, Tina ensures excellence in repairs and technical support while prioritizing customer satisfaction. With a deep understanding of automotive intricacies cultivated in dealership environments, Tina's blogs offer valuable insights and solutions for enthusiasts and professionals alike.