DeBoer's Fleet and Truck Center is proud to announce that we are now fully equipped and certified to conduct DOT (Department of Transportation) inspections at our Fleet and Truck Center. We understand the importance of keeping your fleet running safely and adhering to all regulatory standards. That's why we're excited to share this important news with all commercial vehicle operators.
Our DOT inspections are comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle meets federal safety standards. Our team of skilled technicians will meticulously inspect your vehicle, covering all the essential checkpoints to guarantee your fleet's safety and compliance. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure that every vehicle that passes through our center is road-ready and operating at its best.
We value your time and business, which is why we offer efficient scheduling and prompt service to minimize downtime and get your vehicles back on the road quickly. We understand that time is money, and every minute your vehicles are out of commission can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
We offer the highest level of service possible, ensuring that your fleet remains operational and compliant with all regulations. Our DOT inspections cover everything from brakes and steering to lighting and tires, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle meets federal safety standards.
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We know that keeping up with regulatory requirements can be a challenge. That's why we're here to help. With DeBoer's Fleet and Truck Center, you can trust that your commercial vehicles are in expert hands.Schedule Inspection
Our goal is to ensure your fleet operates safely, efficiently, and within all regulatory guidelines. Ready to schedule your DOT inspection? Visit or give us a call today. Our team is here to support your fleet's needs and keep you moving forward. Don't let regulatory compliance become a burden – let DeBoer's Fleet and Truck Center take care of it for you.