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FROM PIPER'S DESK:  Starting off Spring on the Paulinskill Valley Trail

Hi Everyone and Happy Spring!!!!  I think we were all surprised and more than a little perturbed to have the first days of Spring marked by yet more snow this season.  I'm super ready for Spring at this point myself, even though I absolutely love playing in the snow.  I've had so much of it to play in this year so I'm really ready for the different but also fun stuff that warmer weather brings, especially swimming.  My Mom has been eyeing prospects for a new pool for me, a good solid tough one, given that I destroyed the one I had last year with my somewhat overly exuberant (I will admit) playtime moves. 

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From Piper's Desk: Piper Celebrates his Gotcha Day!

Hi Everyone!!!!  I'm sure you're all as excited as I am that we are getting closer and closer to Spring!  There's just a few weeks now until the official start of Spring.  This has been a really exciting month for me because the anniversary of my "Gotcha Day" (the day my parents took me home from rescue) is in February.  I celebrated the actual day with my own mini ice cream cup (Mom buys me the little single-serve cups of strawberry-flavored Haagen-Dazs for very special occasions) and my parents always donate to rescue organizations in my honor on my Gotcha Days, as well as on my birthdays.  Mom put together this video to commemorate my Gotcha Day this year. 

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From Piper's Desk: First Report for 2018

Hi Everyone!!!  Hope you all have had the most wonderful start to 2018!!!  The month of January has gone by so very fast; to think we're already a twelfth of the way through 2018 already is a little unbelievable.  My January has passed by with more of the same fun pastimes I've grown to love.  Lots of playtime, some of it on snow-covered turf, which is especially fun.  I think we'd all agree that this January's weather has been a little erratic with snow one day and then spring-like temps within a few days after the snowfall.  I was pretty upset when this last snowfall we had was melted away.  Thankfully, we always have some longer standing piles from where my Dad has shoveled the snow from the deck and I played in those until even they succumbed to the warm weekend weather we've been seeing.

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What's New in June:  From Piper's Desk

Happy, happy summer Everyone!!!!  I hope you all have had a great start to your summer season so far!  I have certainly had a very fun start to mine and I am really excited to see what the rest of the summer will bring!  I got to visit the New Jersey shore a few weeks ago and it was so much fun.  My Mom, Dad and I really had a really great time!  The weather was pretty nice already for the beginning of June and even though the water was super cold, the sunshine made it plenty warm enough for me that I didn't mind getting into the water at all.  It's a little bit of a drive (it usually takes us about 2.5 hours with ligher to medium shore traffic) but we always go to Island Beach State Park near Seaside Heights.  Although dogs are not allowed on the bathing beaches, leashed dogs are allowed on all of the fishing beaches further out onto the peninsula.  It's a very popular place for people with dogs as I was able to meet and great with quite a few other dogs throughout the day.  Mom and Dad played a lot of frisbee with me too which was so much fun in the sand, although I will admit running around in all that sand made me tired a whole lot faster than I usually get when I'm playing frisbee!  Mom and Dad made sure to bring me plenty of water too because all of that running around sure made me thirsty!