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Spotlight: Graduates in Our Community

By Emily Mercado on Jun 21, 2022 3:29:33 PM

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Erin Primavera grad at SCCC

Sussex County has long prided itself on its tradesmen and this month we congratulate all of the graduates from technical programs. Sussex County Community College in the past couple of years has introduced a number of new trade programs. These include trades like Cooking, Welding, and Automotive. Since its inception, many people from many different walks of life have found a home in these programs. This is exactly the case with Erin Primavera and the welding and automotive programs. 

Not only was Ms. Primavera coming back to school but she also became a trailblazer for women in these fields as well. For Primavera, getting her associate's degree in liberal arts wasn't enough for her so she decided to pursue two technical programs at one. Choosing these technical programs was easy for Primavera as she grew up in the garage with her father. Her father was a master mechanic and her dream is to one day build a car with her father. To make this dream come true she put her faith in the hands of her professors.

student at SCCC

Luckily for Erin, she had placed her faith in the right people. Professors like Anthony Barbere, Harry Lehrfeld, and Jason Fruge gave her the confidence and tools to succeed in both programs. The educational environment was very supportive and allowed her to feel comfortable in a male-dominated environment. She used this situation to motivate her in excelling in her courses and disproving stereotypes about women. In these fields, skill is valued above all else and this allowed Erin to shine. 

Joining the Welding and Automotive programs was a saving grace for Primavera. Before returning to school she had worked 20 years as an administrative assistant and hated it. These programs provided her with the opportunity to work in an ever-changing environment rather than a regimented one. While did face some challenges pursuing a double major she persevered and wouldn't have done it any other way. 

Primavera found herself falling in love with these fields and wanted to be fully immersed. She was able to secure a work-study position as a shop hand allowing her to further hone her skills. She has been able to secure a position in welding shortly after graduation. While she plans on further developing her skills in this job she has very ambitious plans. One day Erin hopes to return to Sussex County Community College as a Professor. She hopes that she can inspire and comfort women in the program with her experience and advice.

 Sussex County Community College, Newton, NJ 07860

At DeBoer’s Auto, we applaud Erin and her bravery and tenacity. She serves as an example that it's never too late to pursue something new and possibly scary. Erin became a trailblazer at Sussex County Community College showing what women are capable of. She prides herself on being able to help anyone who is stuck on the side of the road. Erin is a great addition to the Welding and Automotive industries and serves as a model on how to succeed in these fields.

Emily Mercado

Written by Emily Mercado