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Tips For Reducing Heat Inside Your Vehicle This Summer

By Bill DeBoer on Jul 28, 2021 9:33:18 AM

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sun shade on dash of car

If you’ve ever gotten into your car in the heat of the summer, the uncomfortable temperature is noticeable right when you open the door. Reducing the heat trapped inside your vehicle is beneficial from a comfort perspective, but also to keep your vehicle operating properly. With all the electronics inside your vehicle, extreme temperatures could damage them over time. Anything you can do to reduce the temperature will be beneficial and here are some tips to consider.

Get Your Windows Tinted

Tinted windows are very helpful in blocking some of the intense sunlight that heats your vehicle. The one thing to keep in mind is dark tinted windows aren’t legal in New Jersey, so you’ll need to know what is allowed and get the maximum tint possible while remaining within the legal limits. You will still pass a state inspection with tinted windows, but you will be subject to receiving a ticket if a police officer pulls you over for having too dark of windows. 

Install A Remote Starter

parked car in shadeA remote starter in your vehicle is a great way to ensure you hop into a comfortable vehicle every time. You can start the vehicle a few minutes before you’re ready to get in and it will have plenty of time to cool down the interior in the summer or warm it up in the winter. It’s a convenient feature to have and it can be installed in most vehicles.

Other Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Cool This Summer

Small things you can do on any trip you take that won’t cost you any money include:

  • Parking in the shade
  • Parking in covered garages
  • Put a window visor in your windshield
  • Crack your windows slightly

You could also consider purchasing visors to put at the top of your windows so the rain won’t enter when you crack them slightly. These small steps can go a long way in reducing the heat inside your vehicle significantly and extending the life of your vehicle at the same time.

DeBoer’s Auto wants to make every driving experience you have a positive one. Extreme temperatures outside mean you’ll need to take a few steps to protect your vehicle this summer. For more tips like these, feel free to contact us at any time.


Bill DeBoer

Written by Bill DeBoer

William J. DeBoer (Bill Jr.) is Co-owner and Vice President at DeBoer’s Auto. As the company’s General Manager, Bill has been responsible for bringing innovations in daily operations to the full-service, high-tech auto repair facility for 20+ years. Passionate about computers from an early age, Bill’s interest in technology gravitated to cars while he was in college. By obtaining a Certificate in Automotive Technology followed by a B.S. in Business Management from Penn State, Bill was able to fuse his interests into a car technology specialization and join the family business shortly thereafter.