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Keep Your Vehicle Moving...

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Apr 15, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Right now we are all under the governors orders to stay at home. That in turn means that you are most likely not traveling the roads and there is probably a good chance your vehicle has not been moved in a few weeks. We can not stress enough how important to keep your car moving.


Women on a road trip talking and looking very happy

Cars are not meant to be parked. They are meant to be moving. There are problems that can creep up on your vehicle if it sits for an extended period of time, particularly when there has been a lot of rain, like we have experienced this spring. 


The brakes can rust up. If the vehicle isn’t moving and the brakes are not being operated to clean off those rust spots, more rust can build up.  As rust is invasive, this can cause your brakes to perform improperly, resulting in a safety concern.




Seals, hoses and connections are dependent on the fluids. It keeps them from drying up or cracking and extends their life and makes sure that when the engine is running that the

oil and fluids are working to keep everything moving the way they should. 


The newer vehicles have so many different electronic components in them. If the battery sits and therefore drains it’s charge it can cause problems with the system that could have been easily avoided.

So, when you are putting on your shoes to take the dog for a walk, or go for a little stroll yourself, remember little Bessie sitting out there all alone needs a little outing as well.

You will be happy that you all got some road time and you’ll avoid hassles later on.

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We at DeBoer's want you to know that throughout this difficult time that we are here for you.

We understand the challenges you are facing right now, and our job is to make things a little easier for you. Check out our website and find out how we are helping in this time of need. We are open as an essential business. We offer pick-up, delivery and loaner vehicles. Our 24/7 hotline #is 973-827-4047. We are here for you!


Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr