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Spotlight: Photos Through Irish Eyes

By Heidi Robertson on Mar 4, 2021 11:45:00 AM

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castle of Ireland

If you have ever had the good fortune to visit Ireland, you know first hand how beautiful the country is. Having the gift to deliver its beauty through photographs is exactly what Photos Through Irish Eyes does. We have the pleasure of spotlighting Annette Maleney Palaez, Photographer, Creator. A Hamburg resident who is originally from County Offaly, in the midlands of Ireland, she came to America in 1984 excited and determined to take on the world with both hands. She has been exploring life and it's beauty every step along the way. She is one of those people whose

 creative talents are undeniable in everything she does.

Over the years her inventive and innovative talents have included marketing, graphic designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, custom jewelry maker and floral designer, owning her own flower shop for a few years here in Hamburg. All of these mediums provided outlets for her to express her creative nature, allowing her hands and mind to be constantly creative. With all this experience, her love and passion has and will always lay in her photography.

In the case of her photography, no words are needed. She has the gift of seeing and capturing the most captivating moments, with the wit and humor that is undeniable of her Irish roots. She does truly see things through Irish eyes.

Annette is fortunate to go "back home" to Ireland pretty frequently, She has traveled throughout Ireland countless times, and yet every time she returns home she's refreshed and renewed. Always inspired, she feels like she's literally seeing things for the first time, every time, always with her camera attached at the hip or around her neck. annette ireland IMG_2090

It's nostalgic for her, returning home to her family, revisiting favorite places from her childhood. Recalling family day trips to Salthill Beach in Galway, she was particularly fond of the beaches and the arcades, when she’s had the opportunity to return home she always appreciates its untouched and serene beauty, particularly that of Connemara Beach. She always comes away with a true sense of peace. Her inspiration and appreciation of beauty is captured and reflected in her images.

Annette IrelandWhen you see her photographs you can feel the emotion. They bring you into the moment as if you were taking a walk down the old dirt road to visit a friend, seeing the wondrous plains and the hillsides and depths of cliffs overlooking the Celtic Sea. She can even make your mouth dry in anticipation of your first sip of Guinness, as if you were bellied up at the tavern sharing a pint. 

Annette has received numerous awards for her collection of images throughout the years. Loving the timelessness that her black and whites offer, she also feels the depth of the greens, vibrancy of the countryside cottages and vividly decorated pubs are inviting you in with their tones and hues. 


Annette black and white bike

You can view her fine art images in person when you visit The Irish Cottage Pub in Franklin. There, you can sit, enjoy a pint, some fish and chips and other Irish dishes and see her visions of home through Irish Eyes. 

Her fine art photographs are available on her website and she creates customized prints with your family name to display.



Photos Through Irish Eyes

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Heidi Robertson

Written by Heidi Robertson