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From Piper's Desk:  What's New in September 2017

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Sep 25, 2017 9:23:06 PM


Hi Everyone!!!!  Hope you all are well and are enjoying the first days of our fall season! I think that Summer and Fall may have gotten their notes mixed up because it's feeling a lot more like summer time these days but we shouldn't complain too much, fall weather and the cold temperatures of Winter will be here soon enough. I still can't believe how quickly the summer season flew by, but it was a really great summer and I'm looking forward to what adventures the fall season will bring my way.  

I finished off my summer fun with a week in the Adirondack mountains.  My parents have been going there for years and years and it's a traditon I've become quite fond of myself. My first time there last year was just so much fun and I really had a lot of fun this year too.  There are lots of lakes in the Adirondacks and that means lots of water, which I very much enjoy (as we all well know!).  My parents have always gone to Raquette Lake but we tried a new lake this year, Peck's Lake.  Peck's Lake is in Gloversville, NY which pretty much right at the southern border of the Adirondacks.  An interesting fact about Gloversville is that it was once the hub of the U.S. glovemaking industry, with over two hundred manufacturers in Gloversville and the adjacent city of Johnstown.  Peck's Lake was much, much smaller than Raquette Lake, but super nice and quiet like Racquette Lake so we really enjoyed out time in the area.  We did some awesome hiking and of course, I had lots of playtime in the water.


Another exciting thing that we have done in September is hop over the border into my Mom's home state, Pennsylvania, and hike the Cliff Trail, which is in the Delaware Gap National Recreation Area (an absolute awesome overall area of fun in our opinion as we have many favorite spots within the park).  The Cliff Trail, which is in Milford, PA, was just amazing because of the views that it provided of the Delaware River, Milford, etc.  There are also a lot of hawks that fly around right at the look-out spots, which is really cool to see. The one thing of caution I will say to anyone who wants to check this trail out is that it's called Cliff Trail for an obvious reason, it runs right alongside the ridge of a cliff and it's a very, very high one at that.  Anyone who walks up there must be careful and it's definitely not a great place to go walking with very small children.  I will very occasionally break off on a wild tangent myself if I'm left to my own devices (I just get so excited on my adventures sometimes!!!) so my Mom and Dad kept me on a short leash up there, literally and figuratively.  A very fun tidbit about the Cliff Trail area is that Tom Mix, one of the first cowboy movie stars, shot many movies along here in the silent movie era, and the cliffs were stand-ins for the Old West.  With peak fall foliage just around the corner, this will definitely be a spot we return to for some leaf peeping!  The McDade Trail, which we have walked many times, runs parallel to the Cliff Trail and provides an excellent view of the cliffs from below and it's easy to see why the spot could pass for the Old West in those old movies.

IMG_0008.jpgWell that's all I have for this month folks!!!  I really look forward to touching base with you all again in October!  I hope your fall season is filled up by the greatest times with your friends and family.  As we have all been noticing, our daylight hours are now getting fewer and driving in our county can be a little tricky in the dark given the curvy roads, plentiful wildlife and lack of lighting.  Everyone stay safe out there as you're driving around to partake in all of your fall activities and fun!!!  See you in October and don't forget that in the meantime, you can catch up with me on Facebook and Instagram!!!

With lots of love and sloppy puppy kisses,

Piper the Rescue Mutt






Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr