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From Piper's Desk: What's New in August 2017

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Aug 22, 2017 8:41:00 AM

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Hi Everyone!!!! I hope you all have been having a super great month of August!!!! We've been doing some great hiking on the awesome local Sussex County trails and my Dad usually takes me to the Wantage Dog Park on Saturdays, which has been one of the highlights of my weeks! This weekend was an especially exciting trip to the dog park for me because my Dad filmed all of the highlights and put them together in my film debut, if you want to check it out! We've been heading over to Windy Brow Farms every single weekend (we become real regulars around that place once the peach season starts up). Mom and Dad really just love the peaches and they also pick up all kinds of other produce there including squash, onions, potatoes and melons. The farm has had fresh-cut wildflowers for sale the past few weekends too which has just about put Mom over the moon because she is a true flower fanatic! We also picked up a watermelon this past weekend which rated a 10-star review based upon the pieces of the melon that I scored.  I really love watermelon and I always make sure I position myself right within Dad's line of sight while he's cutting them up as I don't want him to forget to give me a couple of pieces!  I'm all about strategy, especially when there's food at stake!!! :)


A couple of Saturdays ago we ventured outside of Sussex County (but still close by) and visited Merrill Creek Reservoir in Harmony, PA. What an awesome place!!!! The 290-acre preserve features a variety of habitats including woodlands, fields, evergreen plantations, and wetlands, so there was a whole lot to see! We walked all around the reservoir, which was about 6 miles total (Mom's a little overly ambitious when she earmarks our hikes for us). It was such a scenic and enjoyable trek though, so aside from being a little tired at the finish line, we all felt it had been worth the long walk.

I especially love to hike around water because Mom and Dad typically allow me to take a swim at some point, especially if it's a little warmer out. We went for a great hike this past weekend near High Point and I was able to run, jump and swim, which is the absolute perfect trifecta of fun in my very experienced opinion!!!!


That's all I have to share for this month!!! I hope you all enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer before school starts up again.  I also hope Everyone has a smooth start to the new school year!!!! The end of summer can be kind of sad, but the great thing to keep in mind is that Fall is a pretty awesome season to enjoy in Sussex County as well!!! I look forward to touching base with Everyone to talk about how the Fall season is shaping up for me and in the meantime, you can now keep up with some of my adventures by following me on Instagram and Facebook!!!

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With love and sloppy puppy kisses,

Piper the Rescue Mutt




Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr