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If you find yourself driving down the road and suddenly hear a loud noise coming from your vehicle, it’s understandable you probably feel a bit panicky. "What is that noise coming from my car's engine?" The louder or more distinctive the sound, the more troubling it is. As you’ll learn below, some noises will go away on their own. For noises that persist, you’ll want to pursueauto repair in Sussex County. If your car is still running normally, odds are good a technician can quickly repair whatever is causing the noise. It’s always wise to rule out a serious problem, though!

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I'm Back from Vacation... What Is That Noise Coming from My Brakes? 

One of the most common causes of vehicle noise, especially this time of year, actually has a lot to do with your vacation! When you leave your cars sitting idly for an extended period of time, like when you go on vacation, your car's brake rotors may develop surface rust. If you first notice the unusual noise coming from your car when you drive it for the first couple of times when you return from vacation, the culprit may be surface rust on your brake rotors. Especially if it has been raining heavily during the period your car was sitting unused in the heat, moisture can accumulate on rotors and other metal parts and cause surface rust. You will hear a jarring, loud grinding sound when you apply your brakes. Don’t panic! There’s probably absolutely nothing wrong with your car’s brakes. This surface rust just needs to wear off, which will happen as you drive. Usually, the noise will go away within a day or two. If the grinding noise persists longer than that or occurs when your car has not been sitting unused for several days, have it checked out by a reliable repair facility.

Exhaust System Problems

Besides built-up surface rust from your car sitting unused while you're on vacation, there are other causes of noise that may signal a problem. One common culprit is a problem with your car’s exhaust system. If you have driven over a large pothole and jarred your engine or hit an object with your car, an exhaust system component, such as the muffler, exhaust pipe, manifold or catalytic converter, may have been damaged. If the noise you hear is a rattling sound, the clamps or brackets used to secure components may have loosened. Another culprit could be rust. If you notice noise that becomes progressively worse, that’s an indication you’ve got rusty parts and you’re due for auto service and repair in Hamburg, NJ. Here’s an important safety note regarding exhaust system noises: If you suspect a problem with your exhaust system, keep your windows open to allow fresh air to enter the cabin. Some exhaust system problems can cause carbon monoxide to build up; breathing in this dangerous gas can be deadly.

What is that noise coming from my car's engine?

Noises Can Signal a Part May Be About to Fail

If you notice a loud noise coming from your brakes after you drive it for the first time after your summer vacation, harmless surface rust is probably to blame. If you hear unusual notices that don't have such an obvious cause, it’s important to rule out serious problems. Often, noises are indications specific vehicle parts may be about to fail. Getting your car to a skilled service center quickly can mean the difference between inexpensive preventive maintenance and an expensive repair bill. Don’t take any chances: Head to the best auto repair shop in Sussex County! DeBoer’s Automotive provides quality service you can trust. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or simply stop by!

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