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Take Advantage Of Digital Inspections For Your Fleet

Posted by Bill DeBoer

Jul 7, 2020 11:45:00 AM

The less your vehicle is on the road for business, the more money you are wasting. Vehicle breakdowns are one of the main causes of lost revenue for business owners who rely on their fleet so much. Proper routine care and maintenance may seem tedious and unnecessary if your vehicle is generally in good health, but the experts at DeBoer’s Auto can detect potential future issues to avoid a major breakdown later on. This starts with our digital inspection process, which is highly recommended to keep your fleet operating at high levels all the time.

What Is Involved In A Digital Inspection?


Fleet inspections can save a lot of headaches.We will evaluate and document the complete vehicle health every time you bring a vehicle in for any type of service. The digital record we create will contain photos, videos and notes from the technician about your vehicle’s current condition, the service provided and any recommendations offered. Our comprehensive checklist ensures we are evaluating all of the safety concerns and operational requirements for your vehicle. Every time you bring your vehicle in for service, we will add to your digital record so you have a complete vehicle service history available at your fingertips.


Benefits Of Getting A Digital Inspection

So why is it important to get digital inspections and have a vehicle service record? For one, it creates a permanent record proving that you’ve been proactive in maintaining and operating your vehicle in a safe condition. This could prove valuable if you ever run into problems with a DoT inspection and need to show that you’ve been regularly maintaining the vehicle. It could also help if you get into an accident and need to prove to insurance companies that your vehicle was taken care of properly before the accident. 

DeBoer’s Auto Can Keep Your Fleet Maintained

Managing a fleet can be overwhelming, but that’s why DeBoer’s Auto is here to help. With our digital inspection process, we will keep a detailed record of your vehicle’s health, ensure proper maintenance milestones are being met and prevent any future problems from occurring as much as possible. Our goal is to keep your vehicles on the road, and it starts with you bringing them in regularly.

Whether you need major repairs or simply need to change your oil, filters or battery, DeBoer’s Auto can help. We work on vehicles of all sizes, shapes, makes and models so you can feel confident knowing we can get the job done when you bring your vehicle to us. To learn more about our fleet management services, contact us today.


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