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Fleet operators have a lot of different things to juggle. This is especially true if the fleet operator is the business owner, which is often true with smaller businesses. It’s easy to track the major expenses with your fleet, but if you want to get down to the details of the true cost of your fleet vehicles, a lot of time and effort is involved. Most business owners don’t have that kind of time, so DeBoer’s Auto is here to help you manage and control your fleet costs.

Understanding Cents-Per-Mile With Your Fleet

When DeBoer’s Auto works with businesses with a fleet, we take a deep dive into each vehicle to understand the cents-per-mile associated with any given vehicle. We evaluate all of the miles each vehicle travels each year and break the costs down to cents-per-mile. It’s the best way to understand exactly how much money a particular vehicle is costing you so you can make the best decisions for your business going forward.

How You Can Grasp The True Cost Of Your Fleet

FinancialMost business owners understandably don’t have the time to evaluate and analyze the cost of their fleet thoroughly. The result is often spending money on fleet vehicles without thinking twice about them when you could be avoiding major expenses in favor of smaller preventative expenses instead. This is where DeBoer’s Auto can come in to do the heavy analysis for you. You might be surprised at how much money you can save on your fleet when we complete our analysis on a cents-per-mile scale.

DeBoer’s Auto Can Help With Many Aspects Of Your Fleet

We use various calculations and formulas that we put together on spreadsheets so you can see for yourself how much money you are spending on each vehicle in your fleet. And you can also see how much money you could save on your fleet each year if you allow us to help you manage your fleet. 

Owning and operating a fleet is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. When you work with DeBoer’s Auto, we will put together a regular maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles to get ahead of potential problems before they become major expenses. We are here to help you manage your fleet, so contact us today to learn how our process works.

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Bill DeBoer

Written by Bill DeBoer

William J. DeBoer (Bill Jr.) is Co-owner and Vice President at DeBoer’s Auto. As the company’s General Manager, Bill has been responsible for bringing innovations in daily operations to the full-service, high-tech auto repair facility for 20+ years. Passionate about computers from an early age, Bill’s interest in technology gravitated to cars while he was in college. By obtaining a Certificate in Automotive Technology followed by a B.S. in Business Management from Penn State, Bill was able to fuse his interests into a car technology specialization and join the family business shortly thereafter.