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Local Spotlight Scrub Masters Plus

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Jun 30, 2020 4:17:09 PM


Scrub Masters Plus

Now more than ever the importance of commercial cleaning is in great need. The standards for commercial businesses to have their facilities cleaned have been raised to an extremely high level with the Covid-19 virus at hand. Mia Howard is the Owner of Scrub Masters Plus and has been a forward thinker from years back. “This pandemic and virus has people reaching out in ways that we would never have expected, they are now seeing the importance of our services and how we can help them continue on with their business AND  protect their employees AND STAY AFLOAT.  These businesses were never the “type” to typically call on our services. Now that we are helping them and they are seeing the difference it makes, they will never go back to not having cleaning services again.”  

One of the great things is that Mia has all of the equipment, chemicals and the team she needs to swoop in and rescue these businesses. 

Topics: Commercial Cleaning Services