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We are entering the hot and humid summer months, so it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your vehicle. The last thing you want to happen is to go on a road trip or vacation with your family and your vehicle’s A/C system stops working or doesn’t cool as it should. A simple evaluation can keep it running like normal so you can stay comfortable no matter where the summer months take you.

Get Your A/C Checked Or Recharged

Sometimes your A/C might stop working completely and just blows warm air. Other times one side is colder than the other. And it’s not out of the question for the A/C to simply not provide as much cool air as you’re used to. No matter what the situation might be for you, getting your A/C checked or recharged is essential. At DeBoer’s Auto, this means we will perform multi-level service on your system to determine what is going wrong. Depending on what the root cause of the problem is, we can have your A/C system blowing cold air in no time.

Take Advantage Of Our Special With TechNet

hazing highwayDeBoer’s Auto offers specials through TechNet where you could get money back on a qualifying repair via a Visa gift card. All you have to do is use your TechNet card or open a new one and pay for a qualifying A/C repair service to take advantage of it. It’s a great way to offset some of the cost of the repair that you needed to do anyway. And who doesn’t like receiving free money?

DeBoer’s Auto Helps You Stay Cool This Summer

Our goal at DeBoer’s Auto is to help you have a great summer with no vehicle issues. Not having a functional A/C system can be very uncomfortable as the temperatures in the area start rising. If it has been a while since your A/C system has been serviced and you’re planning a long road trip, it might be worth your time to get it checked out. Like with anything involving vehicles, the earlier you can get ahead of a potential problem, the less severe the problem and the repair costs will be.

Stay cool all summer long with the help of DeBoer’s Auto! Never hesitate to contact us if you need repair work on your vehicle or if you simply want to get it checked out. Peace of mind is priceless and we can help you have it with your vehicle.


Bill DeBoer

Written by Bill DeBoer

William J. DeBoer (Bill Jr.) is Co-owner and Vice President at DeBoer’s Auto. As the company’s General Manager, Bill has been responsible for bringing innovations in daily operations to the full-service, high-tech auto repair facility for 20+ years. Passionate about computers from an early age, Bill’s interest in technology gravitated to cars while he was in college. By obtaining a Certificate in Automotive Technology followed by a B.S. in Business Management from Penn State, Bill was able to fuse his interests into a car technology specialization and join the family business shortly thereafter.