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By Bill DeBoer Jr on Aug 18, 2020 11:48:08 AM

S'mores Icebox Cake

When it comes to summertime and making memories S'mores are at the top of the  list of all things yummy.

The sticks, the fire, the threat of the marshmallow burning or worse, falling into the flames and suspending that delicious creation entering your mouth.

Becoming the master of S'mores is a honorable achievement. 

We're all fan's of the great outdoors and roughing it a bit, but in the case of crowds or the unfortunate reality that no, you don't have a fire burning at every occasion.

Here's a delicious alternative and is sure to please the crowd. 



1 pkg chocolate instant pudding mix

2 c. cold milk

1 c. heavy cream

2 tbsp. sugar

7 oz. marshmallow crème

Closeup portrait of a couple fried sausages on bonfire in the forest

1 sleeve graham crackers

1 package mini marshmallows



Line a 9"-x-5" loaf pan with plastic wrap, allowing overhang on all sides.

In a large bowl, whisk pudding and milk until fully combined. Let cool completely.

Marshmallow whipped cream:

In a large bowl, beat heavy cream and sugar until stiff peaks form. Fold in crème and set aside.

add 1 layer of graham crackers (breaking crackers up when necessary to completely fill bottom)

Spread 1/3 chocolate pudding on top of that, then add an even layer of mini marshmallows (about 1/2 cup). Spread on 1/3 marshmallow whipped cream mixture, then repeat process 2 more times, ending on marshmallow whipped cream.

Refrigerate overnight.


When ready to serve, invert cake onto flat serving platter and peel off plastic.

On a baking sheet, add 1/2 cup mini marshmallows. Using a kitchen torch or broiler, toast marshmallows until golden brown.

Once cool enough to handle, place on top of cake. Serve immediately.




Recipe courtesy of  Kelly Kays

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Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr