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Pecan Pie anyone?

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Jan 3, 2020 10:33:49 AM

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Waiter, there is Too Much 

Pepper in my paprikash,

cookie-1But I'd Be Proud to Partake In YOur Pecan Pie..

pecan pie

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. I know you won't be able to resist this delicious pie either.  I hope you enjoy!



9” pastry shell
Yay!  No rolling or flour everywhere!



3 eggs

1 c dark Karo Syrup

1c sugar

1 tsp vanilla

3 Tbs Butter

½ tsp bourbon

¾ c chopped pecans. 

pecan pie



Beat eggs, add syrup and sugar, beat, add vanilla and melted butter

Mix well 

Stir in bourbon.

Pour mixture into shell 

Arrange pecans on top

Bake 375° for 40-50 minutes

Place foil on pie shell edges 

Remove foil half way through.


Thanks for the recipe Cookie!

Cookie Cox  MD.

Vanilla ice cream (for serving)



Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr