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It’s that time again!  Your baby needs new shoes.  Your vehicle that is, not your child.   Much like auto inspections, it’s highly doubtful anyone enjoys this necessary evil.  The buying process for new tires can be untimely, pricey, and confusing.  There are so many options, and many of us don’t know up from down in this situation.  Traditionally, you’d go to an auto garage and they would sell and install your tires for you.  DeBoer’s Auto would fit into this category, though as auto specialists they also do so much more.  However in today’s tech-driven world, you now have the option to buy your tires direct from an internet supplier such as Tire Rack, and have them installed once you receive them.  Which option is the better one?  Well, that answer lies in what your needs are.   



Let’s start with a dealer such as DeBoer’s Auto.  You can walk in, discuss your needs with an associate, and they can suggest tires within your price point-tires that also match the performance in driving you desire from your vehicle.  Once you’ve decided on what tire you want, you can then have your tires installed, mounted and balanced, and they’ll even dispose of your old tires.  Additionally, you can take advantage of their 36 month Total Tire Protection Plan and receive free lifetime flat tire repair, alignment checks, and rotations and balancing.   The most glaring benefit of this route is that you get all of your needs addressed in one easy location, and service extends beyond the day you buy your tires.  Not only that, but you have the advantage of actually discussing your needs with knowledgeable staff- a service that seems basic, yet invaluable to most that are completely clueless about what those needs even are!   

Clearly, some of us are much more knowledgeable about tires than others.  Those that truly just know little to nothing about what sort of tires they need, and/or have absolutely no knowledge about how to install them should definitely choose this method for buying new tires.  Even if you are a very tire-knowledgeable individual sometimes convenience, peace of mind, and the care of trained professionals, not to mention one-stop shopping-makes a heck of a difference. 



As mentioned before, we now have another avenue in which to purchase tires-through the internet.  Suppliers such as Tire Rack have scores of tires available for sale at admittedly reasonable prices.  You simply just go to their website and select your make/model, year, and zip code.  Well heck yeah!  Sign me up!  But wait-there are some very important things to consider here 

Tire Rack admittedly has an enormous selection of tires, in addition to tons of information about each.  And that is something a local business just simply cannot match.  Of course then, that is Tire Rack’s major advantage.  You may even assess the price of each tire and think, “Wow!  This is the way to go!”  Slow down, and just consider a few things: 

  • Shipping-As with anything on the internet, you must factor shipping into the cost of the item you are buying.  Many folks are misled by the low purchase price in bold print, and then disillusioned by the very large shipping price in small print.  Do the research, and make the comparison! 
  • Installation- Even if you think you purchased your tires at a cost unbeatable by any local dealer…you still need to get them placed on your vehicle.  This costs additional money!  Be a smart consumer, and make sure you compare the costs. 
  • Just Put My Tires On, Already!-One thing that Tire Rack and other suppliers of wholesale tires online will not tell you is that there are a LOT of tire-installing businesses and dealers that simply will not install tires they did not sell.  As a consumer, you may think that’s just because they desire to sell you their tires.  That’s not always the case.  Most installers are concerned with the warranty and the quality of the tires they are putting on your vehicle. 


The points above clearly show that it’s not always the best option to “go your own road”- pun intended.  As a consumer, it’s clearly in your best interest to research tire options extensively and know what will ultimately work for you.  It’s simply inarguable that Tire Rack may be a great option for the “vehicle do it yourselfer” who can install new tires himself. (But remember disposal of old tires!)   However for most of us, tire selection and purchasing is a complete mystery.  That’s when it’s time to opt for not just low price- but exceptional service, knowledge, and extended care.  And DeBoer’s Auto can assist the most novice tire buyer through the process, from beginning to end.

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Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr