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What's New in Mid-July: From Piper's Desk

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Jul 15, 2016 3:20:49 PM

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Hi Everyone!!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far!  I certainly have been having a great first summer myself!  As you know, I'm a very big fan of our local rail trails for walks and just recently, I've learned to also love running on them!  My Mom has been running for a while on the rail trails because they're relatively flat and a little softer on the feet than concrete.  She just started taking me with her on some of her runs and it's been so very awesome for me!  I was pretty much running Mom along on our "walks" before anyway.  Now that we've formalized everything with a super nice running leash (we use the Iron Doggy Runner's Choice Hands Free Dog Leash), Mom and I have both been much happier hitting the trails.


The other exciting outdoor activity I've gotten to try in the past couple of weeks is kayaking.  We went out onto Swartswood Lake which is really nice as it's a relatively quiet lake with other kayaks, canoes and paddle boards passing by.  At first I wasn't so sure about being out on the water in a boat and I almost tipped my Dad's boat three times before I got better used to being out there in the middle of the lake.  Sitting still and staying in a small space can be very tough for an active guy like me!  I was really enjoying being in the kayak by the time we pulled back up to shore though and I'm really looking forward to our next trip out!

We often combine trips out to Swartswood with a stop at one of our most favorite farms in the area, Windy Brow Farms.  The peach season at Windy Brow has begun and although I'm not much of a connoisseur of peaches myself , Mom and Dad have been absolutely raving about the peaches this year.  According to those two, who could be considered connoisseurs of any fruit, the Windy Brow peaches are absolutely delicious this year.  Windy Brow also has homemade ice cream, great pies and lots of other really great produce!!! I am hearing that once fall gets here, we will be frequenting the farm just as often for their wonderful apples!


Well that's all I have to report this time.  Until next time, stay safe and enjoy a next couple of weeks that are sweet as a peach!!! :)

With puppy kisses and warm regards,

Piper, the rescue mutt

Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr