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What's New: From Piper's Desk

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Jun 8, 2016 5:30:00 AM

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Hi Everyone!!! My name is Piper and some of you may have seen me already at DeBoer's Auto and/or the Sussex Business Resource Center. My Dad takes me with him to work every day, which I am very happy about as I get to be there to meet and greet all of you! If I haven't met you already, I'm really hoping to do so soon!!!

Aside from meeting and greeting, Dad thought that it was time that I found something additional to do. He says that I've coasted by on my super cute looks for long enough so I've been set up with a "desk" and I'm going to use it to share some my experiences and insights as a young pup and later, as a full grown dog! I'm not even six months old yet but I've already been up to some really fun things and seen some really cool stuff.
One of the most fun things I've done so far is walk the local rail trails.  My Mom and Dad took me out on the Paulinskill Valley Trail for my first walk, on the very first day I came to live with them (which was a really, really great day for all of us!). 
Since then, I've walked on that same trail many times and I've also walked on the Sussex Branch Trail a whole bunch.  I really, really love to walk; it's so much fun!  Mom and Dad like for me to walk outdoors so that I can work out some of my puppy energy! :)  I definitely recommend these trails to everyone as a great place to enjoy some active outside time!
Well that's all I have to report for now.  I'll be checking in with you all again soon!!!
With warm regards and puppy kisses,
Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr