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NJ State Inspection Facility

NJ State Inspection Facility

InspectionState inspections are not only the law in New Jersey, but the right thing to do because a testing routine is vital to keep pollution to a minimum.

Here in Hamburg, we care about the environment, and we hope that you do also. DeBoer's is proud to be located in this hometown, near so many parks and lakes, not to mention the Hamburg Mountain Wildlife Management Area. We know the meaning of community and upkeep, and so do our customers. 

If you have failed a smog test, our technicians want to be the team you turn to when you need to adjust or repair any part of your car that affects emissions. We promise that your car's performance will be better and more enjoyable for you after were done servicing it.

State inspections are extremely important for every kind of make and model, be it domestic or an import car. If you're worried about our knowledge and efficiency, take a deep breath — smog checks are one of the our most popular services. 

Emission output is carefully monitored and regulated at both state and federal levels. So, make sure your car is in top shape — we would hate to see you not pass your inspection!

If you need mechanics who are fully certified and capable, DeBoer's in Hamburg is the auto shop for you. Help us help you in making your car perform to the best of its abilities, so you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors, faster. We look forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!

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