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DeBoer's Brake Repair

Hamburg Brake Repair

Stop Sign Brakes RepairHave you been hearing a grinding or squealing sound when braking recently? Are your brakes just not slowing your car down like they used to? Then you are at the right place. DeBoer’s Auto in Hamburg has ASE certified technicians, is a Tech-Net Professional Auto Service center, and a member of the Be Car Care Aware campaign.

DeBoer’s is committed to providing the best brake repair service in North Jersey.

A simple brake repair can drastically improve the performance of your brake system and ensure your safety, and the safety of your passengers, when applying the brakes of your vehicle.

Brakes aren’t simply pads, although that's the part most people are familiar with. Brake pads are only one part of an entire system that needs to work in unison to slow your vehicle down. Other parts and components of your braking system include the rotors, calipers, drums, and brake fluid. True, the pads are part of the mechanism that slow down, and stop, the vehicle — but they need to be pressed against another part in order to actually slow the vehicle down. In many/all cars, they are applied to the rotors which are mounted to the wheel hub, which is part of your suspension system. This forces the vehicle to slow down with the help of the hydraulic system within your brakes.

Hydraulic systems rely on the brake fluid within your brake system to apply enough force for the pads to stop the heavy vehicle from rolling as soon as you press down the brake pedal. This is an amazing system that helps over 1 billion cars (yes there are 1 billion cars in the world!) stay safe each and every day.

If you think you need your brakes repaired or inspected, give us a call or schedule an appointment with us.Brakes Repair We are happy to serve our fellow Hamburg neighbors and the entire north North Jersey area. So stop on by to get your brakes checked out. 

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