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DeBoer's Ford Repair

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ford truckThere is one leader in the Hamburg area when it comes to Ford repair and services: DeBoer's Auto.

We have specialized in Ford ever since we opened for business, and we're very proud to say that we are the best at what we do. Why? It's the automobile manufacturer that got us started.

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Bill DeBoer Sr. began his automotive career working at the Ford Motor Company's plant in Mahwah. 13 years of assembling Fords gave him an uncommon expertise.

Not only do some of our staff members drive Fords, but they are one of the most popular models brought into our shop.  Which, makes sense, given that Ford is ranked as one of the top automobile manufacturers in the world. 

Here at DeBoer's we never fail to engage with a Ford owner. From the snazzy Mustang, to the adventurous Expedition, Explorer and Escape, we know them all  even the older models like the Grenada. After all, Fords do last! 

Nothing comes easy, as anyone in the automotive industry knows. Ford Motor Company has certainly fought the good fight these past few years. And DeBoer's has stayed right there with them and Ford owners, servicing and repairing these quality vehicles. 

Practice makes perfect, and Ford is that car we have been practicing on for many years. Come in and let us know your Ford story, and let us help you with your next service or repair. One visit and we hope you'll want to add your Ford to our family here at DeBoer's in Hamburg.

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