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DeBoer's Dodge Repair


Expert Dodge Repair Shop

Dodge was founded as a parts supplier to Detroit-based auto industries, but began building its own trucks and cars in 1915. Since then, Dodge has been known as a both a reliable and recognizable vehicle.

DeBoer's Auto in Hamburg is just as reliable and recognizable when it comes to servicing and repairing Dodge trucks and cars.

Dodge has come a long way since going public and putting their great vehicles on the street. There's no doubt about it, Dodge cars have been making their mark on the streets of the U.S. since they launched. However, even though Dodge is known to be a dependable and durable vehicle, the technicians here at DeBoer's have seen their fair share of Dodges, ranging from the Dart, to the Caravan to the Durango. Even the most dependable car needs servicing and maintenance.

We love our Dodge customers, and we take pride in specializing in this piece of American machinery. Not only has our team been able to adapt to the challenges each model presents, they have been certified to solve any problems any Dodge may have. The solution to the problem is here at DeBoer's, and we understand that your satisfaction is important.

If you're looking for a cost-efficient auto repair shop with impeccable service standards, DeBoer's is your shop! We stand behind our mission, and we are dedicated to offering quality service for all our customer wants and needs.

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