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What's New at the Start of August: From Piper's Desk

By Bill DeBoer Jr on Aug 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

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Hi Everyone!!!!  I can't believe it's August already!!!  Where has this summer gone?!?!  They say time flies when you're having fun and I'm finding that there's really something to that expression!  The summer has been such a fun time for me as I have been running, jumping, playing and doing lots of other fun activities.  I especially love to be outside and my absolute favorite is when I can run, jump and play outside all at the same time and let me tell you, I make that perfect trifecta happen for myself as often as I can!  Here's some video Mom got of me accomplishing playtime perfection!


I'm always pretty well behaved during my travels to work every day with Dad at DeBoer's Auto and to all the other great places I get to travel to for my fun adventures.  My Mom and Dad started me off traveling right on that very first day they picked me up from the wonderful rescue transporters who brought me to NJ.  I remember going to Amy's Animals at the Wantage Plaza for some food and my very first toys and then we headed to the Paulinskill Valley Trail for my very first hike.  I'm really happy with the recent changes Mom and Dad made to my riding setup in the car.  At 31 pounds now, I had pretty much outgrown my crate so my Mom and Dad bought me a seatbelt that I wear now to keep me safe and secure in the car. They also bought this really nice quilted seat cover that I can stretch out on while I'm riding about and I have really been enjoying it.  It's so wonderfully comfortable and I'm able to get some quick naps in while I'm on the go.   While I may make playing so hard look very easy, there is some strategy involved and one of the key aspects of my strategy is to sneak in some sleep whenever I'm traveling from one adventure to the next! ;)


One of my recent trips was to the NJ shore.  I'd already seen the Atlantic Ocean in Maine and I was very excited to go back and see what it looks like from NJ.  My Mom and Dad have always gone to Island Beach State Park because dogs are allowed on the fishing beaches all day in the summer (provided we stay on a 6-foot leash).  It was a truly magnificent day.  Running, jumping and playing in the ocean tides is an especially fun time!!!


Well that's it from me for now.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!  Work hard, play harder and most importantly.....BE HAPPY!!!! :)

With warmest regards and puppy kisses,


Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr