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There is a lot to understanding the Air Conditioning unit in your vehicle. 

Within your A/C system, there are many moving parts that are responsible for keeping you cool in the summer's heat as well as keeping you warm on those cold winter days. Helping you understand why your vehicle's A/C System may fail gives you some knowledge of what to expect when you are having difficulties with your temperature controls.  You'll also learn how to get your system ready for the summer's heat and why it's important to make sure that your system is running clean. 

When you are looking for answers to your questions about your air conditioning system or your heating system we’ve broken down some of the key factors that you will want to consider when you need your system maintained and repaired.


Understanding Why Your Vehicle's A/C System May Fail

During the summer months, we often take our vehicle’s A/C system for granted. It’s easy to push a button or turn a dial and feel the cool air blasting in your face. But when your A/C system fails, the warm air can create a very uncomfortable environment inside the vehicle. There are only a few components of an A/C system that could be problematic and cause it to fail, and we’ve explained them so you can have a better understanding.


Every vehicle’s A/C system has three main components that all need to be functioning properly for the system to work correctly. Those components are:

  1. Condenser - This component is in front of the radiator and it’s where the cool air moving in the vehicle from driving dumps the heat it’s collecting inside the vehicle.
  2. Evaporator - This is the coil that sits inside the vehicle behind the dashboard that takes the heat out of the air. 
  3. Compressor - This component moves the liquid inside the lines between the other two components.

Learn why your car AC may not be working properly.So with this knowledge, you can see how the A/C system works by the refrigerant coming into the evaporator, collecting the heat from inside the cabin of the vehicle, pushing the refrigerant out to the condenser where it dumps the heat outside the vehicle while it’s moving. 


While A/C systems only have three main components, we see seven common problems with them in our shop:

  1. Low on refrigerant - Simply filling it up or charging it may not solve the overall problem. It usually means there is a leak that needs to be addressed.
  2. Failed compressor - The compressor has many different components within it that could fail, so we will check them all to determine the problem.
  3. System blockage - If a blockage occurs and the refrigerant can’t cycle through, it can’t dump the heat, which leads to warm air coming through your vents.
  4. Blend door failure - These are small doors that move when you turn the knob from hot to cold. The mechanical or electrical components can fail and leave it stuck in the hot or cold position no matter which way you turn the knob.
  5. Fan problems - The blower motor is located inside the cabin and another fan is located in front of the vehicle at the condenser. If either fan fails, the A/C system will have trouble cooling.
  6. Restrictor device failure - This controls the process of the refrigerant being turned into a gas from a liquid. If this component gets plugged or fails in other ways, the system will not cool.
  7. Clogged evaporator drain tube - A sign that this is a problem is if you have a puddle of water underneath your vehicle when you have let it idle for several minutes. When the evaporator tube is clogged, the condensation has nowhere to go so it can end up inside your vehicle or even in your blower motor.

DeBoer’s Auto wants to ensure you have cool air blowing inside your vehicle at all times this summer. If you’re experiencing any A/C troubles at all, contact us and we will take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible.


It's Getting Hot Outside: How to Get Your Car's Air Conditioning Ready for Summer

Summer is upon us! You’ve probably reorganized your dresser and closet to make room for your warm-weather attire. You may have performed maintenance around the house and in your yard to prepare for the dog days of summer. Maybe you’ve purchased a new grill and patio furniture as you prepare to dine al fresco during the season. However, have you prepared your car for the rising temperatures?

Here’s how to get your car’s A/C ready for summer so it will keep you cool.


How to get your car’s a/c ready for summer.


Before you take your vehicle in to one of the air conditioning service centers in Sussex County, you should understand what a reputable service provider will check. For your car’s A/C system to cool effectively, it needs a full Freon charge. An A/C check-up should include a PSI pressure reading to verify your car’s Freon level is sufficient. If it isn’t, the provider will add Freon. Another way your service provider should check Freon is not low is by checking the temperature of air coming out of the vents when your A/C is on.


Freon is necessary to keep your car’s A/C blowing cold air, but changing a cabin air filter is necessary to maintain optimal air flow through the HVAC system and keep your system from spewing dust throughout the cabin. Especially after this year’s unusually high pollen counts, it’s safe to assume if you're driving your car often, your cabin air filter is full of pollen, dirt and debris. If you have not had your filter replaced in a while, run your finger across your dashboard. If you detect dust and grime, that’s a good indication your filter is clogged. Having your air filter replaced is relatively inexpensive and will immediately improve the air quality in your vehicle and optimize your A/C system.

Turn to air conditioning service centers in sussex county.


When you have your vehicle’s A/C serviced using Valvoline products and protocol, mold and mildew spores and contaminants are removed, your A/C’s evaporator core is cleaned, and your entire system is thoroughly inspected to identify any potential trouble areas. You will, quite literally, breathe easier after your system is treated. Not only will a Valvoline A/C treatment keep you cool and comfortable while driving in the summer heat, it can minimize allergies by removing irritants and allergens so they will not recirculate through your cabin.

If you have not yet had your vehicle’s A/C system serviced for the summer, contact us at DeBoer's Auto for a comprehensive evaluation and Valvoline A/C treatment. Make sure your car’s A/C system is up to the task of keeping you cool this summer so you do not have to lose your cool when you turn on the A/C and are unpleasantly surprised by a blast of warm air!


Clean and Fresh A/C System

Have you ever noticed a musty smell when you turn your A/C system on in your vehicle? This is a common problem people experience in the spring and summer months and usually only means you should bring your vehicle in for an A/C cleaning service. A quick clean of the system can leave the interior of your vehicle smelling fresh and free of any contaminants so you know you’re breathing in fresh air.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Car’s A/C

As you’re driving down the road, the blower motor is distributing air into the vehicle. At the same time, it’s collecting all of the air contaminants, which can eventually build-up to the point where fungus and bacteria start to form on the plastic where the condensation develops. When this forms, the blower motor is blowing those contaminants into your face. This isn’t ideal for anyone, but particularly for people who deal with allergies. An A/C cleaning service can remove those contaminants so you will breathe in the freshest air possible.

Two Ways To Clean Your Car A/C

Keep your car smelling great!One thing you may be able to do on your own annually is to change your cabin air filter. This component filters the air before it gets into your vehicle and can collect a lot of dirt and debris throughout the year. Another effective way to completely clean your system is by using our kit to kill all the bacteria present within the system. One product of the kit is used to bathe the evaporator core in a solution designed to kill the bacteria that’s blowing into the vehicle. We allow it to soak for several minutes, wipe it down, and repeat the process 2-3 times to ensure all the bacteria are killed. The next thing we do is spray an aerosol into the recycling motor of the A/C system, which sucks it in and distributes it through the vent system. It’s designed to kill the bacteria that has formed on the wet plastic vents over time.

Breathe In Clean Air Inside Your Vehicle Today

Having your A/C system cleaned should be an annual service you have performed to ensure you are always breathing in the cleanest air possible. It will eliminate any musty smells you may be experiencing in your vehicle and may even improve the airflow from your vents. One A/C cleaning service each year should be all you need to have fresh and clean air flowing through your vehicle at all times.

DeBoer’s Auto is here to keep your vehicle operating properly and efficiently. The A/C system is important to maintain since it can leave you feeling uncomfortable in the hot summer months. If you’re experiencing a musty smell or if you’re having any other problems with your A/C system, contact us today to schedule an appointment and we would be happy to check it out.