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The uncertainty in the world today can present individuals and families with questions about how to manage finances. Some payments may be unavoidable as they are part of everyday life, but you can also get creative with things like car payments. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people cautious about how they spend their money, especially since there is so much uncertainty as to whether it will come back for a second wave or not. DeBoer’s Auto wants to bring you a little peace of mind by offering simple tips for avoiding car payments in the long-term.

Car Payments Aren’t Ideal In Uncertain Times

Buying a new vehicle during these times isn’t ideal for most people. Taking on new car payments commits you to long-term payments you don’t know if you can afford right now. An alternative to buying a new car is tuning up your existing car, no matter how old or banged up it is. Maintenance costs can be expensive, but they are much less expensive than a monthly car payment.


How Car Maintenance Keeps Money In Your Pockets


We fix your car so you don't need a new one.Regular vehicle maintenance can help owners stay in their current vehicle for as long as they reasonably want to. Without keeping a maintenance schedule, you’re putting your vehicle at risk of potentially having to face costly repairs later on. Research studies show that for every $1,000 you spend on preventive maintenance, you could be saving up to $8,000 on major repair work. So it’s easy to see how these expensive repairs over time could add up to the cost of buying a brand new vehicle. The return on your money spent on maintenance may not be visible, but it does keep more money in your pockets over the long-term.


DeBoer’s Auto Wants To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle


DeBoer’s Auto takes great pride in helping customers extend the life of their vehicle as long as they want to keep it. We can set up maintenance plans and schedules for you so you don’t have to remember when to make your next appointment. With our thorough preventive inspections, we can discover potential issues with your vehicle before you even notice them. This is how you can avoid those major repairs since we get ahead of the problem. Simply put, extending the life of your vehicle happens by having a regular maintenance schedule and the result is staying out of car payments.

We know how difficult it is to think about vehicle maintenance during these uncertain times. You may not be driving your vehicle as much now, but it is still important to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. When you contact us at DeBoer’s Auto, we can set you up with a stress-free maintenance plan so you won’t have to think about making your next appointment. The money you spend on maintenance is like putting money back in your pockets compared to having to spend it on repairs or a new vehicle.


Bill DeBoer Jr

Written by Bill DeBoer Jr