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DeBoer's Auto FAQs

DeBoer's Auto FAQs

These are a few of the questions we hear most often from our customers when they are considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  If the information you need isn't here, please give us a call or drop us an email.

We're always happy to connect with our customers — and our future customers!

Do you accept trades?

Absolutely, DeBoer's Auto welcomes your trade. We are car buyers before car re-marketers. If you are interested in trading in your vehicle, please call your sales representative. We will offer you A "MARKET DRIVEN VALUE" on your trade!

Do you offer extended warranties?

Yes! Even though a high percentage of vehicles we sell are still under the balance of their full factory warranty, we do offer many great plans to add or extend you vehicles warranty. Please check out our warranty section and call us at 973-786-3030.

How do you sell your vehicles for the price that you do?

We are able to offer such amazing deals on our vehicles because we operate with low overhead and we get all of your vehicles direct from the source. Also volume makes a big impact in the price. We buy more so you can save more! You can expect incredible prices and amazing service from DeBoer's Auto!

What should I expect from my vehicle purchase?

We are professionals and our goal is to describe our vehicles as accurately as possible. We usually sell handpicked, personally chosen, late model vehicles that are still under the balance of the factory warranty. All of our vehicles have clean titles — this means no salvaged, rebuilt or flood damaged vehicles. We will provide a free CarCheck report upon your request.

Where does DeBoer's Auto get its vehicles?

DeBoer's Auto acquires it's vehicles from a variety of sources. Our cars are obtained mostly from auctions and local franchise dealerships located in PA, CT, VA, NY & NJ. They are often trade-ins or lease returns. We have built many great relationships with our dealerships over the last 28 years and buy only the highest quality pre-owned cars.

After we purchases our inventory we recondition the vehicles and make them available to a national market & international market.

Any other questions?

Call us! 973-786-3030. Or send us an email at: sales@deboersauto.com.

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