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We are Hybrid Electric!

Hybrid vehicles are efficient, eco-friendly, reliable, and practical, but all hybrid vehicles have battery problems on occasion. That's where we come in! At DeBoer's Auto, we offer expert hybrid services at affordable rates. We are certified by the state of New Jersey DEP (ETEP) for hybrid and electric vehicles.  We offer new and re-manufactured hybrid batteries and installation services, as well as hybrid battery reconditioning which helps maintain and extend the service-life of your current hybrid battery.

Brake System Flush

Some people complain about hearing chirping noise when they press the brake pedal or come to a stop. That noise is usually made by one of the valves that is not opening or closing properly in the brake module. Sometimes you can fix the problem by completely flushing the brake system (it doesn’t work every time though). Even if your car isn’t making that noise, it's a good idea to change the fluid after 100,000 miles. The brake system on a hybrid or electric car is very different from a conventional gasoline powered car.  

As you can imagine, changing the brake fluid from all the lines is not as easy as it is in most non-hybrid cars; it does require the use of a scan tool.


Coolant System Flush

The #1 way to prevent a breakdown or a very costly repair bill is preventive maintenance.  It is critical to keep all the fluids in your vehicle in good clean condition. Many manufacturers suggest that you only need to change the coolant after every 100,000 miles.  Many other professionals suggest that the fluid should be changed every 50,000 miles or every two (2) years. We would be happy to perform this service on your vehicle at a rate cheaper than most dealers.


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Hybrid Battery Testing 

DeBoer's Auto has the proper equipment to test High Voltage (hybrid) Batteries. The test itself takes about 30 minutes. After running the test we will be able to tell you if the Hybrid Battery is within manufacturer specification, or how close it is to failing. If you are spending thousands of dollars buying a hybrid vehicle, isn’t it worth it to make sure that you're not buying a lemon?


Hybrid Battery Replacement

For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services for Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Ford, and GM hybrid vehicles. Our batteries are properly rebuilt, not just replacing parts. We have a few battery options available for you to choose from. Please call us to see which battery works best for you. 

Step 1: We disassemble the battery pack to locate faulty modules. We replace them with modules that have been reconditioned and tested.

Step 2: We make sure that there is no corrosion on the electric buss. Many batteries fail because of corrosion. We replace the connectors with recycled, corrosion free connectors.

Step 3: After the battery has been put back together, we discharge it and charge it as a whole pack, not separate modules. When you charge and discharge the battery as a whole, it is balanced. A balanced battery means that all the modules are within 1.2v (after we are done, it is usually within .2v); prolonging the battery’s life.


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