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DeBoer's Auto 50/50 "Refer a Friend" Program

Hi Everyone! Tina here at DeBoer's Auto. When my best friend would come home from college, the first thing she wanted to eat was real New Jersey pizza. In homage to our Jersey roots, I would take her to the local pizzeria, and we would split an entire cheese pie. 50/50. Because that's what good friends do.Happy young female friends eating pizza with wine on sofa at homeAt DeBoer’s Auto, we know sharing is caring. So we want to give you something that you can share with your best friend, favorite coworker, or family member. We want to give you $100.00 that you can split, 50/50, when you refer someone new to DeBoer’s Auto for maintenance or repairs.

All you have to do is submit a special someone’s name to the right, and when that person comes in for service, the credits ($50 a piece) will be applied to both of your accounts.

So go ahead, share the DeBoer's Difference: our dedication to helping you Live Life Uninterrupted

*Not redeemable for cash, referral must be a new customer

Referral Program